Nets for salmon

Our GoldFish cages keep a high oxygen level to maximize the water flow. GoldFish nets are among the most stable on the market.

GoldFish net cages for salmon or trout are usually home to thousands or even tons of fish, hence the importance of keeping an excellent water flow through the net as means of maintaining a high oxygen level.

A low oxygen level affects the welfare of the fish and will have a negative impact on their diet and growth.

Granja salmón noruego en fiordos

Finding the right balance between mesh size and yarn thickness is the key to manufacture a net with an opening as largest as possible. This has allowed us to produce nets with high resistance to breakage compared to their weight.

Granja salmón noruego en fiordos

The way the net cages are designed make that all the stress and tension to be absorbed by the framing ropes rather than by the net.

The thoroughly selected materials interact with each other to create a safe enclosure for the fish. The mesh size of the net for salmons or trouts must be proportionally balanced to maximize water flow as well as to prevent fish from escaping the net cage.

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