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Tailor-made projects / Consulting

Our professional team with over 12 years experience in the aquaculture sector carry out technical audits and inspections with the support of our technical service office. During the technical inspections the state of all the items involved in the net installation – such us anchorings, net cages and beaconings – are thoroughly analyzed. With this information we are able to present you a detailed design report for your project including the best options to make the most of your activity.

Design and assembly of nets

Our design department will shape and sketch any kind of net structure with the help of the most advanced calculation techniques. Our customers are always informed about the best solutions to optimize the available resources and to maximize their investment.

Repair and manteinance

We move wherever our client needs us to be. We have the right vehicles and professionals to offer you the pick-up and on site repair service. Our partnership with the best net repair experts team in a Spain -who are the descendants from fishing families over generations- allows us to react quickly and successfully so that your nets become operational and reinforced again at the soonest possible time and – of course- at a very competitive price.

Washing and disinfection of nets / Anti-fouling treatments

We have our own machinery for washing and disinfecting your nets. We apply different types of anti-fouling treatments with the highest quality and performance products after repair and disinfection of the net. This process is done by means of a vacuum impregnation system that is compatible with different types of anti-fouling and permeates the fibers of the net.

Comprehensive maintenance service

The maintenance and repair of the aquaculture nets are carried out not only to keep them in an impeccable and safe state for our fish cultivation, but also to improve the lifespan of our cages. We have the right processed, equipment and and tools to meet this purpose and to comply with all quality standards.