About us

Our origin

GoldFish is a company under the umbrella of the international group León de Oro. We are pleased to put our 40-years-experience in the safety and sport fields of activity at the service of the aquaculture sector.

The strategic alliance of our Group with RMA S.L. -long-serving professionals in the design and the assembly of all kinds of net cages for the aquaculture sector- reinforces our strong business commitment.

40 years of experience

In the production and distribution of nets

Constant innovation

Investment in the latest German technology

Multilingual team

Personalized attention in several languages


We are member of the European Committee for Standardization

About GoldFish

GoldFish was founded in 2019 and our main aim is to become a national and international leader of the aquaculture field of activity. With our wide experience we can offer the best solutions for customers from very different areas such as Chile, Denmark, Great Britain, Italy, Russia, Spain, Greece, Iran, Iceland, Canada, Australia, Morocco, Turkey, Malta and Norway.

The size of our internationally renowned Group means solvency and safety: prouduction sites and facilities of over 100,000 m2 placed in different locations and a valuable personnel of more than 100 employees.