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We have the largest production plant in Europe with the latest German technology warp knitting machines.

Our investment in the latest technologies allows us to manufacture knotless nettings on our ‘Raschel’ type looms, characterized by their great elasticity and extreme resistance to breakage. We can produce our nets with simple or double needle bar raschel machines, that contributes to a longer lasting quality of our nettings.

Our looms have the highest netting width capacity worldwide. This allows us to supply you nettings with less junction point (weak points) than other suppliers. At the same time, this latest technology gives us the possibility to offer you our nettings with half knots, conventional knots or “super knots”.


Cultivation Nets for gilthead and sea bass

Hatchery net cages
Pre-growing net cages
Fattening net cages
Ø 22m, 25/30m, also custom-made

Cultivation Nets for bluefin tuna

GoldFish’s towing cages for bluefin tuna are among the most robust and the safest in the market. Due to the treatment applied during the THERMOFIXING process, the net shrinkage is minimal.

Nets for salmon

Our netting cages maintain a high level of oxygen to maximize water flow.